KnowHow 2006 Podcast


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Episode 3: Lin McDevitt-Pugh and Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng, A baby called KnowHow

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Episode 3: Lin McDevitt-Pugh and Ruth Ojiambo
A baby called KnowHow

The KnowHow Podcast interviews Lin, the dreamer who dreamt KnowHow, and Ruth, one of KnowHow's engines from

The way women gain power and face to gender equality. The story from Amsterdam and before, to the present. How these conferences are also about evaluation, and, of course, a peek to the birth of KnowHow and to wonderful ideas within...

  • KnowHow, a dream amidst librarians.
  • No more squared rooms.
  • Women must come together.
  • Information empowers, despite you are educated or not.
  • Achievements of 3 conferences (and beyond).
  • Forget the indigenous, forget about you.
  • Why Mexico... why Mexico...
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